Hohentübingen Castle

Burgsteige 11, 72070 Tübingen
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The castle now known as Hohentübingen was originally the seat of the Counts Palatine of Tübingen and was first documented In 1078. Following the major renovation of the last century (1979 to 1994), Tübingen Castle became the location of one of Europe's largest archaeological university museums. In addition to alternating special exhibitions, exhibits from the pre- and early history of mankind, Classical Antiquity, Ancient Egypt and the Middle East are on display here on a total area of 2000 square metres.


"Museum der Universität Tübingen - Alte Kulturen" Schloss Hohentübingen
Burgsteige 11
72070 Tübingen

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Hohentübingen Castle

Burgsteige 11, 72070 Tübingen

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