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The university city of Tübingen on the Neckar is the geographical center of Baden-Wuerttemberg. Tübingen is to the south of Stuttgart at the foot of the Swabian Alb and at the southern edge of the nature park Schönbuch. Tübingen is an international center for art and culture, congresses and events of all kinds.

1078 - First written mentioning of Tübingen when King Heinrich VI besieged the fortress Hohentübingen.

1477 - Founding of the university by Count Eberhard in Bart, some 300 students register at the university.

1498 - First printed book. In the time following, Tübingen becomes a publishing city.

1514 - The Tübinger treaty is considered to be the "magna charta" of Wuerttemberg. 1534 Reformation through Duke Ulrich.

1588-92 - Building of the Collegium illustre, a riding academy. For decades the most important place for the education of the protestant nobility.

1623 - Professor Wilhelm Schickhard invents the first calculating machine in the world.

1787 - Johann Friedrich Cotta becomes publisher of the German classics.

1939 - Tübingen has more than 30,000 residents, in 1947 becomes the capital of the state of Wuerttemberg-Hohenzollern

1954 - For the first time more than 5,000 students are registered, in 1995 the record number of more than 25,000 is reached.

1968/69 - Student protests

1995 - The Tübinger professor Dr. Christine Nüsslein-Volhard receives the Nobel Prize for medicine.

1997 - The exhibition successes of the art hall Tübingen (Cézanne exhibition 1993 with more than 400,000 visitors) is published in the "Guinness Book of Records".

1998 - Beginning of the rebuilding of the clinic with the departments of medical virology and microbiology and the ENT clinic.

2000 - In June the prime minister Tony Blair gives a lecture at the university after being invited by Hans Küng.


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