Christiane Lange

Art expert Christiane Lange

If anyone knows about the great masterpieces, it's her. But Christiane Lange's expertise extends beyond the fine arts. In her more than six years as director of the Staatsgalerie, she has also become acquainted with many other favorite places in Stuttgart. Here are her very personal recommendations...

"In the permanent collection of the Staatsgalerie, 800 years of art can be experienced in masterpieces. It is a matter of concern to me that we always offer new perspectives on the artists, their works and their time in our special exhibitions.

On the weekends, I also look forward to quite different Stuttgart delights. For example, I like the restaurant 'La Scala' - somewhat hidden on the second floor - where you are served the finest Italian cuisine by the chef himself in a quiet atmosphere. The thermal baths in Bad Cannstatt are also among my favorite places, after all, they are the largest mineral springs in Europe after Budapest!

A special feature of Stuttgart are the enchanted stairways, the so-called 'Stäffele'. For me, they open up the city with its hilly topography in an extremely charming way. And then, of course, there's Fritz Leonhardt's TV tower, which is still an impressive symbol of the city of Stuttgart and its engineering. By the way, I'm particularly pleased to see the neighborhood revitalized by the new Stadtpalais - Museum für Stuttgart."

Personal recommendations by Christiane Lange: