Eric Gauthier , © Maks Richter

Dance Company Boss Eric Gauthier

Sitting still is definitely not Eric Gauthier's favorite pastime: The dancer, choreographer and head of the Theaterhaus dance company Gauthier Dance is also the proud co-owner of one of the city's chicest bars on the side. And in his role as a family man, he also has a tip for an outing ...

"I can hardly believe it myself, but I have actually lived in Stuttgart for over twenty years! Twelve of them as a dancer in the Stuttgart Ballet and since 2007 as choreographer and artistic director of Gauthier Dance at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart. Meanwhile the company has grown to 16 dancers and we tour worldwide. Nevertheless, it is always a good feeling to come back home. Stuttgart is small, but nice. And a green city in every respect. For me as a dance person and musician, the cultural offerings are of course extremely important. And that's where Stuttgart scores extremely well. One of my favorite cultural venues is the musical stages in the SI Center - for biographical reasons. As a little boy, I saw 'Cats' and knew immediately: I want to be a dancer! My excursion recommendation as a family man is the Donkey Mill. My tip for adults is especially close to my heart, because I'm a proud co-owner: the new bar Jigger & Spoon on Gymnasiumstraße - built into a former bank vault!"

Personal recommendations by Eric Gauthier