Jürgen Schlensog

Jazz specialist Jürgen Schlensog

As the head of the Jazzopen, Jürgen Schlensog is not only the man for all jazz questions, but above all a convinced Stuttgart lover with a wide-ranging interest in Swabian cuisine, fashion and soccer. You can read his tips here. The fact that he names FC Barcelona before VfB Stuttgart - well, we will generously overlook that here...

"I was born in Stuttgart and have been responsible for the Jazzopen since 2008. For me, Stuttgart is THE livable and lovable small city in Germany. We have everything the heart desires in Stuttgart: prospering industry, a highly interesting cultural landscape and, last but not least, excellent gastronomy at its peak and in its breadth. If you want to eat well in Stuttgart's red light district, go to the Weinstube Fröhlich. Here is lived what is now unfortunately rare: You sit where there is room and often with strangers, but all the more interesting people at a table and get the best 'Saure Nierle' of the city. For musical entertainment I recommend the Bix. The club is my second living room and is one of the most renowned jazz clubs in Europe.

If you don't like it uniform with your clothes, check out Horst Wanschura from time to time. The designer store in downtown Stuttgart is always good for a surprise. I'm also a lover of Spain and, not least for that reason, a member of FC Barcelona. In Germany, my heart belongs to VfB Stuttgart, and here I am chairman of the Freundeskreis VfB Stuttgart e.V."

Personal recommendations by Jürgen Schlensog