Esslingen Onion Festival

04 August 2017 – 14 August 2017
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The Esslingen Onion Festival has been in existence for 28 years. It takes its name from a legend: it's said that a market woman chased the devil incarnate out of town by feeding him an onion. What brought tears to Beelzebub's eyes at the time now provides Esslingen's inhabitants – still nicknamed "Zwiebeln" or "Zwieblinger" after the onions – with a merry festival each year. At the beginning of August, local chefs will be serving Swabian specialities and other tasty treats, washed down by a 1/4 litre of wine or a glass of Esslingen champagne.


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  • 04.08.2017 (o'clock)
  • 05.08.2017 (o'clock)
  • 06.08.2017 (o'clock)
  • 07.08.2017 (o'clock)
  • 08.08.2017 (o'clock)
  • 09.08.2017 (o'clock)
  • 10.08.2017 (o'clock)
  • 11.08.2017 (o'clock)
  • 12.08.2017 (o'clock)
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