Hotel Accommodation with free public transport

Your booking advantage
When you book hotel accommodation through the Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH in one of its partner hotels, you receive a free ticket for the regional public transport network (VVS). Explore the wide range of attractions in the Stuttgart Region by bus and train on the whole of the local transport network at no extra charge!

This is how it works
• Make your booking directly through the Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH
• Choose your hotel accommodation in one of our partner hotels
• The ticket for the public transport will be sent directly to your
 email address along with your confirmation of booking*
 * Exceptions: In the hotels Brita and InterCity you will receive the tickets at the reception desk

Special extra
• The ticket is valid each day for the duration of your stay (8 days maximum)
• For each adult booking one child of up to 14 years can also travel free of charge