Music scene: clubs and festivals

Max Herre. Pure. Cro. Philip Poisel. Die Fantastischen Vier, of course. But also Die Nerven and Die Orsons. To name just a few musicians and bands who come from the Stuttgart region and became famous here. With the Fantastischen Vier, Stuttgart became known above all as the cradle of German hip hop. Today, popular music in the Stuttgart region can be aptly described with a single word: Diversity. At intimate concerts in small clubs with a living room atmosphere, large festivals with international stars or quite incidentally at one of the city festivals, there are always new musical discoveries to be made - and for every taste! Click through our selection...

Art scene (galleries / art areas)

Of course, the very big names in art history can be seen in the Stuttgart region. But there is so much more! Away from the large, established museums and exhibition centres, a versatile and self-confident young art scene has also developed. Studio and exhibition spaces have sprung up in temporary interim use on old industrial sites. Galleries are opening again and again in various locations. But more traditional institutions also offer artists space for experimentation. Here you will find some art venues waiting to be discovered!

Film industry of Stuttgart

Cineasten und Filmfans kommen in der Region Stuttgart voll auf ihre Kosten. Hier geht man nicht nur deutlich häufiger ins Kino als in vergleichbaren Großstädten. Hier wird vor allem auch Film gemacht – in den Animationsstudios der Region entstehen im großen Stil visuelle Effekte für internationale Produktionen. Jedes Jahr kommen Trickfilmer aus aller Welt zum Internationalen Trickfilm-Festival (ITFS) nach Stuttgart, um ihre Arbeit vorzustellen. Die Stuttgarter lieben besonders das kostenlose Open-Air-Kino des Festivals mitten in der Stadt auf dem Schlossplatz, das bis spät am Abend Filme auf großer Leinwand zeigt.

Über das Jahr verteilt gibt es zahlreiche weitere Festivals, die die Region Stuttgart zum Film-Hotspot machen: Bollywood ist während des Indischen Filmfestivals zu Gast in Stuttgart, die Französischen Filmtage zeigen in Tübingen und Stuttgart die neuesten Produktionen aus dem Nachbarland und beim Stuttgarter Filmwinter liegt der Schwerpunkt auf Experimentalfilmen. Und das ist noch längst nicht alles – wie wär’s denn zum Beispiel mal mit einem Abend im Autokino?

Dancing scene

The Stuttgart region has an extremely lively dance scene with a long tradition: Stuttgart already made a name for itself in the 18th century with great dance masters. In the 1960s, the famous choreographer John Cranko created the "Stuttgart Ballet Miracle" and made the city a real hotspot for dancers and audiences from all over the world. No wonder that today, in addition to the two permanent companies Stuttgart Ballet and Gauthier Dance, there is also a large and innovative independent scene and many top-class dance festivals!

Entrepreneurs and art

Art and business complement each other perfectly in the Stuttgart Region: Numerous entrepreneurs are committed to art or make their own top-class art collections accessible to the public. And thus ensure an impressive diversity in the exhibition landscape around Stuttgart!

Jazz in the region of Stuttgart

The inhabitants of the Stuttgart region have a particularly close relationship with jazz. And this has been the case for a long time - after the Second World War, the radio station of the US military stationed in Stuttgart, "AFN", went on the air and brought jazz directly into Stuttgart's living rooms. Numerous jazz clubs sprang up, producing jazz greats such as the pianist Wolfgang Dauner. Today there are major jazz festivals in the region, such as the Jazzopen held on Schlossplatz in the summer, which attract international stars such as Diana Krall, Jamie Cullum or Gregory Porter. But especially the region's jazz club scene is more diverse than ever and offers jazz at its best night after night!

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