Swabian Zwiebelrostbraten (Fried Steak with Onions)

Tender steak, crisply fried onions, a delicious sauce: a good Zwiebelrostbraten is irresistible, and can be prepared in a variety of ways – according to our colleagues.

To serve 4 you need:
- 4 rump steaks (c. 200 g each)
- 4-8 onions, as preferred
- butter (or clarified butter) or oil for frying
- red wine or cream for the sauce

Slice the onions into fine rings and fry in the fat until browned (if larger quantities are used, fry them in portions). Beat the steaks, season with salt and pepper from the mill and fry in a thick-based pan until done to your taste. Arrange the fried onion rings on top of the steaks and serve, for example with Spätzle or farmhouse bread.

For the sauce: add some red wine to the juices in the pan and bring to the boil. Round off the sauce with 4 tbsp cream.