Vitrine 5 - A vintner’s work over the course of the year

During the course of a year a vintner is faced with jobs such as planting vines
anew, training vines (wire frames as trellises), pruning, bending, tying, working
the soil, fertilization, foliage management, pest control and prevention of
fungal diseases, harvesting and winemaking.
Vineyard rationalization has more than halved the workload. The greatest help
came in the form of tractors used for plowing, milling, trenching (where deep
soil is loosened), mulching, mowing and spraying; now there are even
»harvesters«. And whereas in the past the vines had to be sprayed on a massive scale, today this has been reduced thanks to ecological substances, machines enabling fine dosing and pheromone traps.
The vintner of old has long since evolved into a skilled specialist, who is at once
winemaker, cellar master, businessman and marketing man. Yet his work to
this day remains closely linked to nature, requiring a knowledge of the geological and climatic conditions, plant growth and winemaking. Even if much less is done manually nowadays, vintners certainly still need a deft hand.
Incidentally, not all of them are male, indeed, there is an increasingly number
of highly qualified women in this profession.