Vitrine 8 - »A Wirtemberger without wine…?«

Friedrich Schiller rhymed in 1782:
»The name Wirtemberg
Comes from Wirt am Berg [innkeeper on the hill]
A Wirtemberger without wine
Can he be a Wirtemberger?«
Almost a superfluous question, for wine production has shaped the countryside here and influenced the mentality and culture. Wine is visible in the names of towns and meadows like Weinstadt or Weinhalde, the influence of wine production can be seen in the forms of buildings and housing developments. The motif of Christ squeezed in a press features in churches. Genre painters such as Albert Kappis and Theodor Schüz have painted wine presses and the vine harvest.
Like the poet Justinus Kerner, the philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
has also been honored by having a wine named after him.
For Hegel recognized:
»In wine there is ›truth‹,
and one toasts everywhere with truth.«
The Württembergers’ down-to-earth nature is frequently linked to the
»Bodagfährtle«, their earthy dialect, to the tart grape juice. Local connoisseurs like to sip their wine best from quarter-liter handled cups, which however are under threat from the EU-standardized 0.2-liter glasses. With their unique character, today Württemberg wines have an excellent reputation and are enjoyed by wine-lovers far beyond the region’s borders.