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At the company headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen the past and future of Porsche meet. Since 2009 the Porsche Museum has presented the history and fascination of the brand in a vivid and contemporary way. The Porsche Museum keeps tradition alive by transporting the company’s values into the present and future in a modern fashion. The brand‘s clear commitment to electromobility goes hand in hand with an equally clear commitment to the company’s roots.

Of the more than 700 Porsche models in the Museum’s collection, some 80 vehicles and various smaller items document the history of this sports car manufacturer. The special dynamic is guaranteed by alternating the exhibits on a regular basis and by staging special shows on specific themes or jubilees. The Porsche Museum also sends its authentic brand ambassadors all over the globe, for example to classic car rallies and other historic racing events, now in more than 30 different countries. With this concept, which is part of its overall "Mission Future-Heritage" strategy, the Porsche Museum hopes to spread its historical work proactively throughout the world.

The Porsche Museum is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00 to 16.00. All sections are barrier-free. More information can be found under:

Porsche Museum

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