Stuttgart Region

Highlights that shine for you:

Stuttgarter Rössle

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Stuttgart Beer Festival

Wilhelma Stuttgart

Stuttgart Wine Festival

Königsstrasse lluminations

"Stuttgart Highlights" will light up the whole of Königstrasse. Some 110 trees along the middle of the shopping precinct will be decked with thousands of LED lamps. Look forward to this very special atmosphere!

100% Green Energy

All lit up: As well as using the latest LED technology, the "Stuttgart Highlights" project also relies on 100 per cent green electricity from the Stadtwerke Stuttgart, making it an established partner of Stuttgart's energy revolution. The climate-neutral green energy provided by the Stadtwerke helps to reduce the CO² emissions that harm the climate, making an important contribution towards a sustainable future.

Christmas "i-Punkt" (Tourist Information)

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