Enjoyment Guide Sabine Wacker

"I'm an absolute epicure. I love food, drink, nature, culture, sunshine."

Sabine Wacker likes to share her passion. She's often out and about with locals and tourists in Stuttgart on our behalf, showing them the city's nicest places with lots of charm and background knowledge. And where does she like to go herself? Stuttgart's Market Hall, for example, (where she often does guided enjoyment tours under the name of "s'Dorle"), or at one of the many scenic lookout points, in a rustic broom tavern, or in her own garden house with a glass of regional wine.

A native of Swabia, she herself also loves cooking. Her favourite dish is Gaisburger Marsch, a hotpot which she serves with sautéed onions and chopped game salami. And Spätzle (noodles) are also a must, of course! They taste best when traditionally hand-scraped. By the way, her son once made them using a CD cover, for want of anything better – it worked just fine...