Festival host Karl Maier

For decades now the Maier family has been serving crispy grilled "Göckele" (grilled chickens) and other delights at festivals in the Stuttgart Region – for example at the Bietigheim Horse Festival, the Göppingen May Festival, the Stuttgart Spring Festival and the Stuttgart Beer Festival.

The festival host Karl Maier and his wife, Daniela, redesign their "Göckelesmaier" beer tent at regular intervals. Guests love the modern flair of the marquee with its exclusive boxes, while the menu includes both current food trends and traditional favourites, and first and foremost the "Göckele", of course. After all, it was Karl Maier's father, Karl Maier senior, who set up Baden-Württemberg's very first chicken grill on the Cannstatter Wasen fairground! The Stuttgart Beer Festival is still today a firm favourite with his son – and a visit to the Wasen with the whole family is unthinkable without a ride on the Ferris wheel and various culinary treats.

And what's the height of enjoyment to Karl Maier in the Stuttgart Region? Of course it's the first sip of freshly-tapped festival beer.

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Vincent Klink in his herb garden

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Owner of ice parlor Pinguin: Esther Weeber-Kirschenlohr, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH/Jean-Claude Winkler

Ice Par­lour Pro­pri­et­ress Es­th­er Wee­ber-Kirschen­lohr

Tour guide Sabine Wacker in Stuttgart's market hall, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH/Jean-Claude Winkler

En­joy­ment Guide Sabine Wack­er