Food Blogger trickytine

Whether she's in her own studio "Urbina", in her kitchen at home, at the weekly market or out and about in the east of Stuttgart, culinary matters are always close to Christine Garcia Urbina's heart – and so is the Stuttgart Region!

She's a real "Stuttgarter Mädel" – a Stuttgart girl, born and raised here, and always pleased to be home despite her frequent travels. As the food blogger trickytine she provides her fans with delicious recipes and great stories: from the introduction to her favourite dish, "Linsen und Spätzle" (lentils with noodles), to her declaration of love for Stuttgart.

Trickytine grew up with a passion for delicious food: her mother's cooking tips influence her work (“When the potato salad's glossy and slurpy, it's just right."), just as much as current trends and new discoveries. For her, cooking has to do with emotions and traditions – as well as with progression and innovation!

To visitors to the Stuttgart Region she recommends a colourful potpourri: in particular a hike through the vineyards followed by a visit to a traditional "Besenwirtschaft" (wine grower's broom tavern), the wonderful scenic lookout points and charming festivals. The "Bean Quarter Festival" with its narrow lanes and little workshops is her personal favourite. And of course: the many culinary delights on offer...

#TastyStuttgart according to the taste of...

Vincent Klink in his herb garden

Mich­elin-starred Chef Vin­cent Klink

Moritz Haidle in the vineyards

Young winegrow­er Mor­itz Haidle

A great team: The Trautwein brothers

Res­taur­at­eurs Ferdin­and und Max Traut­wein

Achim Silberhorn

KESSLER brand am­bas­sad­or Achim Sil­ber­horn

Carl-Peter Dinkelacker in the brewery Dinkelacker, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH/Jean-Claude Winkler

Brew­ery Part­ner Carl-Peter Dinkelack­er

Owner of ice parlor Pinguin: Esther Weeber-Kirschenlohr, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH/Jean-Claude Winkler

Ice Par­lour Pro­pri­et­ress Es­th­er Wee­ber-Kirschen­lohr

Tour guide Sabine Wacker in Stuttgart's market hall, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH/Jean-Claude Winkler

En­joy­ment Guide Sabine Wack­er