Ice Parlour Proprietress Esther Weeber-Kirschenlohr

How about a scoop of "Mops" (pug dog) or Mercedes ice cream? Unusual varieties, the finest ingredients and a unique location: the Eis-Bistro Pinguin is a cult ice cream parlour, and no less of a cult is the view from across the way on Eugensplatz. Enjoying an ice here on a balmy summer evening with the panorama of the city at your feet is an experience not to be missed!

The owner, Esther Weeber-Kirschenlohr, is Swabian through and through: born in Stuttgart into a family of traditional showmen, she grew up on the fairgrounds of Southwest Germany. The family opened the Pinguin in 1986 – and Esther Weeber-Kirschenlohr has been a full-time inhabitant of Stuttgart ever since.

Her staple diet? Pinguin ice cream, of course. Her favourites are pistachio in rainy weather and refreshing fruity varieties when it's sunny. Esther Weeber-Kirschenlohr's guiding principle as regards her ice cream is: When you put good things in, good things result. And that's why it tastes so fantastic!