Besenwirtschaften, © SMG, Jean-Claude Winkler

Private bars opened by wine-growers

Brooms (Swabian: "Besa") are temporary economies run by Wengertern, the Swabian winegrowers.

They require a special concession and may only be open for a maximum of four months a year, usually in stages between September and April. The number of seats is limited to 40. A typical wine tavern (“Besenwirtschaft”) is indicated by ab broom made out of thin branches above the front door.

In order to entertain the guests, the Wengers used to clear out their living rooms. In the meantime, most broom keepers have rebuilt their basement or other rooms.

The Besa is extremely popular in Swabia. How popular, you can guess, if you try to get a place in a Bes'. One moves closely together and the farmer sits next to the banker, the worker next to the architect. It's tight - and never quiet. It is told, laughed, sung, and of course it is well drunk and eaten. On the plate comes rustics. Ripple, greave bread, mouthbags and slaughter plate with sauerkraut are typical dishes. For this purpose, the own wine is served. 

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