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Waldenbuch is situated to the south of Stuttgart in the district of Böblingen at the junction of the 1208 (formerly the B 27 Stuttgart-Tübingen trunk road) and 1185 (Böblingen-Nürtingen) roads. Owing to its central position the main business centres of the Stuttgart region can be reached by car in only 20-30 minutes.

Waldenbuch lies in the middle of the Aich Valley on the northern edge of Schönbuch Nature Park, 15 km south of Stuttgart. First mentioned in the chronicles in 1296, the town charter was documented from September 1363 onwards. By 1381 at the latest the town belonged to Württemberg but was subject to Austria's right of repurchase, which was not redeemed until the end of the 15th century by Count Eberhard "the Bearded". From 1534 onwards Waldenbuch became the seat of Württemberg's "Waldvogt" or steward. Nowadays some 8600 people live in the town, which Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once described as "a charming place lying among hills, with meadows, fields, vineyards and a stately castle."

The countryside and castle are still today particularly attractive to visitors. However, closer acquaintance with the town will show that it is not only a pleasant place to visit, but also to live.

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Stadt Waldenbuch
Marktplatz 1 + 5
71111 Waldenbuch

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