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Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History: Schloss Rosenstein

Nature encounters culture: the biological exhibition of the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart is located in Schloss Rosenstein in the middle of the park.  It is divided into six very differently arranged sections:

  • Evolution: how is the history of life decoded? Answers to this around the impressive African elephants
  • Variety of life – order in living organisms. You can get an overview of the most important groups of plants and animals, from algae to humans
  • Environment and protection of species: focussing on some of the most valuable specimens in the museum, species which have become totally extinct, such as the cape lion and the Tasmanian wolf
  • Native habitats: a “walk-in classification book“, in which you can become acquainted with the animal world of south-western Germany
  • Mammals of the sea: whales, seals and sirenians around the impressive 13 metre long pollack whale
  • Habitats of the earth: five elaborately staged rooms, a journey through the major regions of the earth from the tropical rain forests to the ice deserts of the polar regions

Opening hours

Tue - Fri: 9 am - 5pm
Sa, Sun Holiday: 10 am - 6pm

closed on Monday

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Location & Contact

Naturkundemuseum Schloss Rosenstein
70191 Stuttgart

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