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Stuttgarts beste Weine meets Weinbaumuseum 2024


120 minutes

Once again this year, the Stuttgart Wine Museum and its wine partners will welcome you in front of a breathtaking backdrop. Find your favorite among numerous fine wines at the 2024 tasting highlight!

Wine culture in Württemberg can look back on 2000 years of history. From the Romans to the present day, we in Stuttgart have appreciated a good drop of wine and never miss out on our "Viertele". In good Swabian, our winegrowers are known as "Wengerter", and when regional winegrowers come together in one place, you can look forward to something - that's a promise! Taste numerous exquisite wines from our best Stuttgart winemakers to your heart's content and find your personal favorite in a glass! While you immerse yourself in the fascinating history of viticulture in the impressive halls of the old Uhlbach wine press, you can sample a wide range of grape varieties, from traditional classics to new "Piwi" varieties. This year, 21 wineries are taking part.

We offer you 3 different slots of 2 hours each, during which you will sniff, taste and be amazed.
Let us surprise you!

These 21 wineries are taking part:

Weingut Aldinger, Fellbach

Collegium Wirtemberg, Stuttgart-Uhlbach and Rotenberg

Wine and sparkling wine estate Christel Currle, Stuttgart-Uhlbach

Diehl Winery, Stuttgart-Rotenberg

Gerhard Zaiß Winery, Stuttgart-Untertürkheim

Winery Wöhrwag, Stuttgart-Untertürkheim

Winery im Hattenloh, Stuttgart-Untertürkheim

Duke of Württemberg Winery, Monrepos Castle

Karl Wöhrwag Winery, Stuttgart-Obertürkheim

Maxwein, Esslingen

Peter Mayer, Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt

70469!R Fabian Rajtschan, Stuttgart-Feuerbach

Schnaitmann Winery, Fellbach

Winery of the city of Stuttgart

Steilwerk Rohracker

Vintage Winery, Stuttgart-Rohracker

Warth Winery, Stuttgart-Untertürkheim

Weinmanufaktur Untertürkheim

Zaiß KG Sonnenbesen Winery, Stuttgart-Obertürkheim

Zaißerei, Stuttgart-Münster

Winery Wieder, Stuttgart-Uhlbach

Location & Contact

Uhlbacher Platz 4
70329 Stuttgart


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