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A glossary for Swabian cuisine

Swabian cuisine is rich in variety. To help you understand the menus in our traditional restaurants, we have compiled a glossary of Swabian dishes. Enjoy!

Allgäuer Nonnenfürzle “Allgäu Nun’s Puffs“

These whimsically named treats, similar to donut holes, bring a touch of sweetness to your palate. It’s made from a delicate dough and fried to perfection.

Apfelküchle “Apple fritters”
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These delightful apple fritters offer a perfect blend of crispy and tender textures, featuring slices of apple enveloped in a light batter. A dusting of powdered sugar adds a touch of sweetness to this beloved Swabian treat.

Buchteln “Yeast dumplings”

These delightful baked treats, akin to sweet rolls, envelop a heartwarming surprise inside. Filled with flavors like jam or custard, they capture the essence of Swabian baking tradition in every bite.

Dampfnudeln “Steamed dumplings”

These fluffy dumplings, steamed to perfection, offer a delightful harmony of softness and flavor. Served sweet or savory, Dampfnudeln capture the essence of traditional comfort food in every bite.

Dinnete “Flatbread”

This Swabian delight, reminiscent of a thin-crust pizza, offers a canvas of flavors that marries a crispy base with a medley of toppings.

Fasnetsküchle “Carnival pastries”
Pancake soup, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH, Jean-Claude Winkler Photography

Embrace the carnival spirit with Fasnetsküchle! These festive treats, resembling small fritters, add a burst of flavor to your celebration. Deep-fried to golden perfection and dusted with powdered sugar, Fasnetsküchle embody the joy and indulgence of Swabian festivities in every delightful bite.

Filderkraut “Filder cabbage”

A Swabian cabbage that offers a tender and flavorful bite.

Flädlesuppe “Pancake soup”

Delicate strips of homemade pancakes gracefully swimming in a flavorful clear broth, creating a smoothing harmony of flavors.

Fleischküchle “Meat balls”

Tasty meat balls, consisting of a mixture of ground meats combined with bread crumbs, onions, eggs, and seasoned with fresh herbs.

Gaisburger Marsch “Gaisburg Marsh”

A hearty stew originating from the region, this dish features tender beef, potatoes, and plump spaetzle noodles, all simmered in a rich broth.

Hefezopf “Braided yest bread”
Cheese spaetzle, © kab-vision Fotolia

This braided yeast bread offers a soft and tender texture with a touch of sweetness. The yeast bread is perfectly round off with butter or jam.

Kässpätzle “Cheese spaetzle”

A comforting and delicious German dish made with tender egg noodle (spaetzle) generously mixed with grated cheese, often topped with crispy fried onions.

Kirschmichel “Cherry bread pudding”

This traditional Swabian dessert features a delicate harmony of baked bread, creamy custard, and luscious cherries.

Knöpfle “Dumplings”

Small, round dumplings made of egg noodles

Laugenbrezel “Pretzel”

Discover a legend in every bite of our pretzels! According to folklore, in 1477, baker Frieder faced a challenge from Graf Eberhard im Barte. He crafted a bread in the shape of his wife’s crossed arms and created the pretzel. This delightful twist on history shines with flavor and tradition.

Pretzels with butter, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH, Jean-Claude Winkler Photography
Linsen mit Spätzle und Saiten „Lentils with spaetzle and sausages“

A true Swabian classic, this dish combines tender lentils with soft and delicious egg noodles and flavorful sausages.

Maultaschen “Swabian ravioli”

Delectable pasta pockets that are filled with a medley of finely minced, fresh herbs, spinach, and delicate spices.

Most “Cider”

This fresh apple or grape juice, often enjoyed during harvest time, offers a taste of nature’s bounty in a refreshing and revitalizing beverage. Most embodies the spirit of the region’s harvest traditions, delivering a crisp and invigorating experience.

Ofenschlupfer “Oven bread pudding”

A traditional Swabian dessert made from layers of bread soaked in a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, sometimes raisins, and often some kind of fruit is added. It’s then baked until golden and usually served warm. The result is a delightful pudding-like dessert.

Peterlingkuchen “Parsley tart”

This Swabian specialty features a delicate interplay of flavors, where parsley and other savory ingredients create a harmonious balance. With a tender crust and savory toppings, Peterlingkuchen captures our traditional kitchen.

Pfitzauf “Swabian soufflé”
Lentils with spaetzle and sausages, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH, trickytine

These fluffy baked treats, akin to sweet soufflés, combine the richness of eggs, milk, flour, resulting in a light and airy dessert. It is often served with powdered sugar or fruit compote.

Plätzchen “Christmas cookies”

Delightful German Christmas cookies in several different shapes and flavors

Saure Kutteln “Sour tripe”

A traditional dish made from beef/pork tripe that is cooked in a tangy, sour-flavored sauce.

Schlachtplatte “Butcher’s plate”

A hearty German dish featuring a selection of boiled belly pork, ribs, and sausages, served with sauerkraut. A true meat lover’s delight!

Swabian ravioli, © kab-vision Fotolia
Schwäbischer Kartoffelsalat “Swabian potato salad”

The potato salad is made with a warm vinaigrette made from broth, vinegar, mustard and oil.

Schwäbischer Wurstsalat “Swabian sausage salad“

A dish made from thinly sliced sausages, marinated with a tangy vinaigrette dressing. The sausages are accompanied by onions and pickles.

Schwäbischer Zwiebelrostbraten “Swabian onion roast steak“

This dish features a succulent roast beef topped with a rich onion gravy.

Schupfnudeln “Finger dumplings”

Potato dumplings in the form of a finger, gently pan-fried to create a delightful balance of softness and crispiness.

Seele “Flute”
Oven bread pudding, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH, Jean-Claude Winkler Photography

This iconic Swabian bread roll, enhanced with aromatic caraway seeds, presents a delightful combination of a crispy exterior and a tender interior.

Spätzle “Spaetzle”

Soft and delectable egg noodles

Träubleskuchen “Currant cake”

The Swabian cake features a medley of vibrant currants atop a light and tender base. Its sweet-tangy taste makes it the perfect summer companion.

Vesperplatte “Snack platter”

A delightful assortment of light snacks of cheese or sausage, perfect for a satisfying bite.

Swabian onion roast beef, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH, Jean-Claude Winkler Photography

Petite, charming treats crafting from delicate biscuit dough and artfully shaped as an elegant figure-eight. Crafted with the finest ingredients including eggs, flour, and a touch of powdered sugar, these sweet morsels offer a glimpse into the artistry of simplicity of Swabian baking tradition.

Zwetschgenkuchen “Plum cake”

A cake with perfect balance of sweetness and tart flavor, with plump, juicy plums nestled in a tender crust.

Zwiebelkuchen “Onion tart”

This savory onion cake features a delightful blend of caramelized onions and savory ingredients, all baked to perfection in a flaky crust.