Restaurateurs Ferdinand und Max Trautwein

Two brothers, a heritage-protected former post house and a restaurant philosophy geared to enjoyment: since 2015 Ferdinand and Max Trautwein have created a magnet for gourmets with their "Gasthaus zur Linde" in Stuttgart-Möhringen. The restaurant is a family business. Their father provides all-round support, their mother is the controller, Maximilian is responsible for marketing and Ferdinand is in complete charge of the cooking.

The brothers learned their trade at starred restaurants: Max at Staufeneck Castle, Ferdinand at the Wielandshöhe under Vincent Klink. And you can tell this by the taste – whether you opt for traditional fried steak with onions (a favourite with the brothers) or sweet bread pudding. By the way, you can also enjoy these Swabian delicacies at the Stuttgart Wine Festival, where the brothers have their own stand. No question: the brothers are true professionals where enjoyment is concerned. And of course they know all about the Stuttgart Region, too...

#TastyStuttgart: Highlights of the Trautwein brothers

Fernsehturm Stuttgart

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