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Eugenstaffel, Eugensplatz and Galatea in Stuttgart

Stuttgart's Eugenstaffel is a broad flight of steps leading up to Eugensplatz, a square that is dominated by the figure of "the fair Galatea", who looks out over the city in the valley basin below. The statue surmounting the Galatea Fountain was endowed in 1890 by Queen Olga of Württemberg. In Greek mythology Galatea was desired by the Cyclops Polyphemus but rejected him in favour of Acis, a young shepherd. Polyphemus thereupon crushed Acis with a boulder. Galatea caused a spring to gush out from under the rock and immortalised Acis as god of the river.

Eugensplatz is a popular meeting place, especially in summer: not just because of the outstanding view, but also thanks to the delectable ice cream served at the "Pinguin" (tip!), an ice cream parlour with a long tradition.  


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Eugenstaffel, Eugensplatz und Galatea
70184 Stuttgart

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