Karlshoehe Stuttgart, © SMG, Jessica Niedergesäss
View from Karlshoehe Stuttgart, © SMG, Martina Denker


On the ridge of the Karlshöhe with its vineyards, gardens and public green spaces lies one of the most popular viewing spots in the city. From up here you have a magnificent view over Stuttgart South and Central.
Originally, the hilltop was used as a quarry in the Middle Ages. The stones were used, among other things, for the collegiate church and the Old Palace in Stuttgart as well as the Ulm Minster. You can still see the crater of the former quarry today - there is now a playground in it.

From 1864 onwards, the area was turned into a park by the Verschönerungsverein Stuttgart and renamed "Karlshöhe" in 1889, on the 25th anniversary of the throne of King Karl of Württemberg. As part of the 1961 Federal Garden Show, the grounds were expanded and a terrace and milk bar (now a beer garden) were added.

Tip: Delicious snacks and refreshing drinks for a break from everyday life can be found in the popular beer garden with its wonderful panoramic view.

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